Come experience Harmony Church. Here is what we feel is most important...


We give thousands away every year to help those in need...those who are hurting...those who are experiencing a crisis in their lives. We give to people we know as well as to people we don't know. We give to those in our local area as well as to total strangers who live miles away. We give away to families in need during the Christmas season as well.  We believe Jesus was a very generous giver and we try to do the same.


We don't want to be a religious club that only helps those who attend our church. We want to be connected with our community. We support New Hope Ministries, the Youth Impact Project, the Dillsburg Soccer Club, the Central PA Blood Bank, the CARES (homeless shelter in Carlisle), the Capital Area Pregnancy Center and Community Aid. We also support our neighbors world-wide through participating in Operation Christmas Child and in our mission work and trips to Haiti through Freedom Global Outreach. We believe Jesus didn't just stay inside the walls of the "church" but rather connected with people who were hurting and in need. We want to do the same. Come join us on this journey!


We have a beautiful retro café that serves more than delicious food, snacks and drinks.  It lives up to its name -- Connection!  We believe people connecting with other people is exactly why God created us. We have seen people sit down with other people for coffee and a meaningful conversation breaks out...people are encouraged by another's words...people feel accepted and needed that have been invisible or alone all week...people get prayed for. It is often the most important and essential part of attending church. Our café is often the place where interaction and acceptance is most experienced!


We continue to find new ways to invite people to pray for themselves, others and our neighbors.  We have hurting and broken people who attend our church. We also have many more hurting and broken neighbors who need the love and healing of the Lord. While we can't reach all of them or know them all, we can pray and ask the Lord to touch their lives in a way only He can. We don't believe prayer is an excuse to not do anything; but rather a way to care for people and to find direction from the Lord to help those who are hurting.


Kids are such a special part of our church, our families and our world.  Nothing is more precious. We take accepting and encouraging our kids seriously. We also take keeping them safe and helping to instill biblical values in them just as seriously. We love the kids we have...and our kids and staff would love to meet new kids!  The more kids, the more fun they have...the more they learn together...and the more they build healthy relationships together.


We work hard at not just teaching -- but teaching what the bible has to say to us in our twenty-first century context.  Our goal weekly is to give you something from God's Word that you can apply on Monday and through out your week both in your family life and at your work place.  We make learning fun, interactive and life-applicable for both kids and adults!