Reaching Our Community


 Reaching Our Community

Harmony Church wants to be known as a part of its community and a local church that blesses its community and gives back to those who live in our community. We want to be a good neighbor to our neighbors. We want to share life with them, bless them and help in whatever way we can to make our community better, healthier and safer for everyone. We pray that God reigns in our community and brings health, prosperity and hope to every person and every family! We work with local organizations, non-profits, law enforcement, other local churches, business leaders and local government to achieve these goals. We work with these local partners to make our community a better place:


Harmony Church has partnered with the Salvation Army in their Christmas Kettle Drives and with local soup kitchens in serving those in need.

Harmony Church is part of the Dillsburg Association of Churches that annually sponsors the Greater Dillsburg Prayer Event held at Northern High School Auditorium where people from the community are invited to come together and pray for God's blessing upon our community, its people and our families.

We also partner with local churches, businesses, organizations, schools and law enforcement in fighting against those things that negatively impact our community, its people and families including human trafficking, drug addiction and child abuse.

The Dillsburg Association of Churches also sponsors many positive events for our community including prayer events, financial training for families, concerts and youth events.