Why you should consider going to church

People today have a lot of anxiety about going to church. They also have a lot of objections, hang-ups and real concerns. And for some, going to church has been a negative experience. However, we would also invite you to read through these objections and see how they can actually work for you rather than against you.

We have people who have said and thought many of the same things you might be thinking…

I don’t believe in organized religion!

Some of our people feel this same way, yet they attend and bring their kids because they realize we have just enough organization to prevent chaos; but not too much that we can’t be flexible and allow people to be themselves – flaws and all!

I don’t have to go to church to be a good person or know God

We have people who feel this same way.  So why do they attend and get involved?  Because they can’t get the one thing on their own they most need – connection with real, live people.  That is what we provide for both kids and adults – relationships!  Not religion!  And the awesome part is that while people are connecting with other real people, they experience God.

I’m too busy to get to church on Sundays

Some of our people say this too.  One of the things some of our people have to realize is that while they can’t get to the church building every Sunday, they come when they can; and realize how much they miss some of the people when they don’t get there.  Guilt or pressure by church leaders isn’t what bring them back, but the accepting atmosphere and relationships is what does!

Church is boring – and I don’t want to be bored!

We agree with you.  We won’t tell you that we rock it every Sunday, but we try!  We do our best to present a quality worship celebration for people of every generation.  But some of our same people who use to say that now talk less about whether they are bored, and more about connecting with friends and what they are doing for God to make their families and communities a better place.  Boredom usually disappears for our people when they get involved helping others.

I don’t go to church because Christians are judgmental and hypocrites

This is a stereotype that has some truth to it because some Christians are judgmental and hypocritical.  But we would ask you to attend Harmony and see if we can’t help you change your mind on this one.  Our people aren’t perfect – staff and pastors included – but they are honest and authentic about both their flaws and their honest desire to grow into being better people than they were before.  People who attend Harmony struggle with addictions and critical spirits like everyone else.  But many of our people have found Harmony to be the place where they can safely talk about their junk and find help and healing from others who also have some junk.

I’m not sure I even believe in God

We have people who have some real doubts – even leaders.  Doubting and exploring doesn’t disqualify anyone from attending Harmony.  Plenty of people talked about in the bible suffered from unbelief or doubts.  Mother Teresa lived all of her life with doubts.  If you are searching for something to believe in…something that is true…Harmony might be just the place for you.  You might not find all of the answers you are looking for, but you will find people who will walk the journey with you!

If you knew what I’ve done, you wouldn’t want me at your church

Says who!  You might think that, but that isn’t the way we at Harmony feel.  We have all done a lot of bad stuff – and we know it.  We don’t try to hide it or pretend it away.  Jesus spent most of his time with people who did really bad stuff.  So if you want to find real acceptance, in spite of your junk, then try us out and meet some other people who are also working on their junk.  You’ll be glad you did!

WHY Should you consider coming back to church?

We understand many of you used to attend church or even be very involved, but now you have dropped out of church. For some of you, life just got too busy and you couldn't squeeze it into your already over-scheduled life. For others, you got bored doing the same thing every Sunday. And for still others, you were hurt, insulted or offended and you found it easier to just stay away.

We understand how you feel. But here are four things we believe about church that can bring you back and make your life better.

First, we believe life is better with a connection to Christ

Harmony, or any other church, is simply a connecting point first and foremost to the God who came in Jesus Christ.  We find life works better when we have this connection consistently and continually.  We at Harmony will help you by challenging you to do the things that will sharpen this connection.  But you have to do them!  We offer opportunities to help you grow, stretch and move out of your comfort zone so you can actually grow and reach your full God-given potential.

Second, we believe life is better when connected to other people

In our fast-paced world filled with cell phones and computers, most people today don’t get much chance to connect beyond a superficial level with other people.  Even in our own families we don’t often get time to have deep conversations about what is going on in our lives.  Harmony Church can help you do this.  Especially in our connection groups, you will experience the opportunity to get to know a few other people at an authentic level.  They will also get to know you in this same way.  We were created to know and be known by others in a real way.  Without this, we will always feel like something is lacking in our lives.  We believe Harmony can help fill this gap for you.

Third, we believe life is better when you live a healthier life

We are complex people.  We have a soul, a mind, emotions and a physical body.  Just as each of these parts of you are important to you, they are also important to God.  He wants us to learn to live healthier lives at the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.  Harmony Church can help you do this by helping you to slow down emotionally, interact with other people, help you to grow intellectually and help you develop a relationship with God.  Healthy people intentionally work at creating a healthier balance in all of these areas of their lives.

Fourth, we believe life is better when you have a healthier family life

Marriages and families need all the help they can get today.  The latest demographic study of our area in Southern PA tells us that one of the greatest needs and one of the greatest lackings is people wanting a better marriage.  And there is a direct correlation between healthier marriages and healthier children.  We believe Harmony can help you have a better marriage that will benefit spouses, but it will also benefit your children.

According to the National Survey of Children’s Health, children and youth who attend religious services weekly exhibit the fewest behavior problems, are more likely to have high quality relationships with their parents, and are more likely to exhibit positive social behavior, including showing respect for teachers and neighbors, getting along with other children, understanding other people’s feelings and trying to resolve conflicts with classmates, family or friends.