"Two combined influences will make a greater impact together
than just those two influences alone"

What is Thinking and Living Orange? The concept was developed by Reggie Joiner. It is the combination of the Light of the Church (yellow) with the Heart of Family (red) that makes the color orange. To live and think Orange is to live for Christ everyday and everywhere. It is a unique way to think and follow Jesus in everything you do.

At Harmony Church, both kids, teens and adults are all given monthly the Orange App or theme to follow as it is taught both in classrooms and in our worship services. Biblical themes such as kindness, peace, love, self-control, contentment and hope are focused on for a full month to help people grasp and apply these values in their real lives. Each month we focus on a new Orange value or theme. We find people learning and growing together through the orange theme. Parents and kids are able to have a conversation about the same biblical truth, yet each is learning at their own level. We find living and thinking orange to be a very effective way to help people of all ages grow in Christ. To learn more about the orange concept, go to www.thinkorange.com