Picking Blueberries

This month I have been given the opportunity to earn a little money on a farm picking fruit for a local farmer’s market.  My fruit of choice for picking has been blueberries. These humble little blue fruits pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. It is said that they have been shown to protect against heart disease, cancer and help with bone strength, skin health, blood pressure and even mental health.  Isn’t God good to provide us a good-for-you food that tastes good too?!  

While I don’t know all the science behind how blueberries are good for the body, I can attest to the mental health benefits of picking berries.  I start each picking day early in the morning before the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures follow.  Most mornings I’ve been out by myself. I get up prior to my kids waking up and head out the door with coffee in one hand and my music player in the other.  For anyone who is an introvert like me, you can relate to the necessity of ‘alone time’.  This is the much needed time when one can be in uninterrupted silence or mindful rest.  Some days I go out and just listen to the birds flying about and chirping and singing while I pick. I talk to God and work out those questions about life that only He can answer. 

During one of my early picking sessions, I was struck by a thought about Perspective, particularly God’s perspective compared to my perspective. You see, when you pick blueberries, you have to have a keen eye to be able to pick the bush thoroughly. Blueberries like to hide throughout the bush, some up high above your eye level, some way down close to the ground below your eye level and many hide under leaves and deep inside the bush. Untrained pickers see the blue treasures that are closest to his or her eye level.  It is easy for them to miss the biggest, sweetest berries that are up high or down low.  The experienced picker will get up on their tip toes to reach the high ones and crouch low to get the ones close to the ground. He/She will also turn the branches over gently to find the ones hidden by leaves and will reach deep into the bushes to get the ones that are close to the main stem of the plant. 

I think to God we are all beautiful little fruits just waiting to ripen and my thought was that if we were blueberries then God would be the experienced picker.  From His perspective He can see all us berries, big and small, ripe and unripe, sweet and sour.  Because as writer Debbie McDaniel writes this about the omniscience of God, “He can be everywhere, at the same time. And He never sleeps or slumbers, He's aware every moment of every day, exactly what we're up against. He knows our way, and is with us always. There's no place on this earth we can go that He doesn't see and know of.”

I believe He can reach us in our highest places and in our very lowest.  He will reach us deep inside and pick us to be one of His.  He will not leave us hanging on the bush to wither away and fall to the ground.  Rather, He will gather us in His hands and tell us how sweet and beautiful and good we are to Him. 

For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” -Ephesians 1:4 

And that my friends is the sweetest gift on Earth. 

Blessings to you until next time,


Bob Mlynek