Sparkling Bits & Broken Pieces!

Welcome to my blog Sparkling Bits & Broken Pieces! I’m Amanda, Children’s & Youth Ministry Director here at Harmony Church. In my own life, I have lots of sparkling bits amongst the broken pieces (I believe most everyone does!) so my blog will include ALL kinds of bits and pieces, too! I’ll be sharing about things related to kids and youth (and our kids and youth programs at Harmony), family stuff, girl talk, parenting tips, inspiring stories, creative ideas and recipes (just kidding, I don’t like to cook at ALL!).

So, here’s a few bits about me: I’m a 40’s something wife and mom to one teenage daughter, I’m the 4th generation to be part of Harmony Church, I consider myself a “creative old-soul” and I’m list-maker! Here’s just a few things on my “YES List” (which I’ll share more about in an upcoming blog!), my “YES List” includes: sweet & salty snacks, cuddly puppies & snuggly babies, sunflowers, hummingbirds & fireflies!

I have lots of words to share but I am not grammar or punctuation perfect so if you can put up with it then please join me on this journey! My hope is that my blog will be fun and light-hearted but also meaningful and helpful like chatting with an old friend!

Until next time!


Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16 NIV

Bob Mlynek