Life ResouRces

This expanding collection of free resources is provided to help you in your life journey. We invite you to browse and welcome any questions you may have.

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God's Story - Our Journey is a free eBook covering the essentials of Christianity.

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Spiritual Growth

A person is both body and spirit.  Faith is critical in order to have a relationship with God.  Harmony wants to help people improve their faith and strengthen people's relationship to God.


Parenting can be challenging because children do not come with instruction manuals.  It is also one of the more rewarding things that people can do.  Harmony want to help by providing relevant information to parents to make their job easier.


Financial issues can be some of the most challenging issues that people face.  One of the big reasons people struggle financially is a lack of understanding how money works.  The Bible talks more about money than almost any other topic and yet most people have never heard a sermon dealing with money that was not focused on giving.  Harmony wants to provide proactive resources to help people avoid financial issues and recover from some of the current challenges they may be facing.


People's health has a direct influence on their quality of life.  A healthy life has a direct impact on a person's emotional, intellectual and yes, spiritual life.  Harmony wants to help people live a healthier life.  If we can be of any help, please let us know.


Love, sex and Relationships are often viewed from the wrong perspective.

Skeptics Seekers & Doubters

Healthy skepticism, questions and doubts are normal.  We encourage people to search things out and study.  Allow us to provide a place to start: