Living Orange Every Day

What is living orange?  Orange is a national movement that Harmony Church has become a part of. Orange is the combination of the colors red and yellow. Yellow stands for the light of God and Red represents the love of family. Each of these are powerful influences upon us as persons - but when combined, they create a powerful impact upon a person or child.  The principles that guide your life when you think and live orange are:

  • God created me - my life has a purpose and God has a plan for it
  • God deeply loves me - no matter how badly I may behave
  • God can be trusted no matter what is happening in my life
  • Because God loves me unconditionally, I can treat others with this same type of love
  • I live out God's story in my life so others can know Jesus
  • Jesus can and does transform my life - I may not be perfect, but I'm growing and becoming a different person every day