Harmony Church is primarily a place for guests and new people to experience church done in a way that will allow people trying church for the first time to feel comfortable and accepted.  We realize upon your first few visits that you may have some concerns and questions.  Here is a walk-through of what your experience may entail:


We have ample parking for you and your family as you arrive as a guest.  We have parking close to our main entrance for those with special needs.  We have signs directing you when you come into our parking area displaying where our main entrance is located.  Usually there will be someone to greet you in the parking area as you arrive.

Upon Entering the Lobby

When you make your way from our parking area into our entry way, you will arrive in our lobby.  In this area you will find people greeting you and ready to answer any of your questions.  We also have a sign pointing out important things such as where restrooms are located, where to hang your coat and where the worship center is located.

In our cafe, you will find a variety of complimentary baked goods, treats and delicious snacks as well as hot and cold beverages for your pleasure. These may be taken into our worship center to be enjoyed during our worship celebration.

Entering the Worship Center

From the lobby you will be directed into our worship center where we hold our worship celebration.  Here you will find persons who will give you a program.  Our program contains important information about what will be happening that day as well as about other programs and activities taking places that coming week.  You will also find on the back of your program the various agencies, ministries and organizations we partner with both locally and globally. 

We provide various types of seating in our worship center to accommodate our guests varied needs and preference.

Our building is equipped with wifi for your convenience so that you can use your devices while you are with us.

You are invited to bring any refreshments with you into the worship center.  We also invite you to bring your children into the worship center with you because they will remain with you during the first portion of our worship celebration.  Those children children between age 3 through 8th grade will have a kid’s message part way through our celebration, and then will go with our teachers to our kid’s program called KidsConnection where they connect with other children and have the opportunity to experience God at their own level.

Everyone who works with children at Harmony Church have had background checks for the safety of your children.  As part of our teaching programs with our children, we do use the internet.  But for your child’s safety, our teachers closely monitor everything being used.  We also always have at least two teachers or assistants working together in a classroom (that has windows).  We do not conduct any class behind a closed door.  We have a nursery for children under three years old.

What you can expect during worship

Our worship celebration begins with a countdown video on our big screen so you know when we are about to begin.  After this, we begin by singing songs. 

We do take an offering.  It is low-keyed.  Especially as a guest there is no pressure or the need to feel to give when the offering bag is passed around.  We do ask that you take a few minutes to fill out the connection card attached to your program and drop it in the offering bag.  This is your offering as a guest to us.

The adult message is often interactive, and is done in a powerpoint presentation so people of all different learning styles can best grasp the message of the day. Messages usually last about 20 minutes.

Our worship begins at 10:15am and usually runs about one hour.  You can usually expect to be leaving our worship celebration around 11:20am.

Returning Again

It is our goal at Harmony that you will enjoy your first experience with us so much that you will want to return a second time and beyond.  We even hope that you will want to bring a friend or family member with you when you return again.  We also welcome your feedback as to how you were treated and what you thought of your experience through emailing one of the staff.  This information can be found on the back of your program.