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Many people in the church today assume that Jesus easily lived the life He did because He was the Son of God. But when the Gospel accounts, this isn’t true. He faced struggles, criticisms and temptations on a daily basis. The scriptures also tell us that Jesus didn’t rely on His divinity while on earth, but rather was fully human and faced life in his humanity.

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We live in a culture that is obsessed with managing time. The problem is, we are focused on managing the wrong thing. We should be managing ourselves. If we don’t change, then time will continue to allude us and we will continue seeing it wasted away.

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There are a lot of reasons for this, but probably the primary one is that good people have taken a good desire to know and please God to extremes.  As human beings, we are all prone to get out-of-balance.  This is why Paul reminds us in scripture to do everything in moderation.  The bible doesn’t tell people they can’t drink alcohol, eat food or have sex.  What it does say, is these things and many other things need to be done within proper limits and in balance.

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Do we need to keep asking for forgiveness?

The real question is, “if Christ died for my sins, do I need to keep asking God to forgive my sins?”

God either has forgiven our sins or He hasn’t it?  Right?  Or is it that Christ only forgave certain sins at the cross?  Or did Jesus only die for “original sin?” and not the day-to-day ones.  What would happen if I forgot to ask God to forgive me of my sins or certain sins – would I still be forgiven?  What if I died and forgot to ask for forgiveness, would I go to hell?

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