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Is it wrong to try to contact the dead?

Let’s begin with this, it is never wrong to miss a loved one or friend who has died.  Neither is it wrong to have pictures of them, to think about them, or to think about what they would say to you or about you in a given situation.  It is also not wrong to hold onto cherished memories or possessions from one you have loved that is no longer with you.

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Want to share your faith?

Many Christians want to share their faith or what they believe about God, but aren’t sure how.  Many want to tell their stories about how Christ has changed their lives because they really want others to benefit like they have.  Yet in our culture today, it is not always conducive to do this.  Many people feel intimidated and threatened in today’s politically correct climate.  Many feel as though they haven’t earned the right to share their faith.  Others feel like they will be accused of being “hyper-religious”, insensitive or “preachy.” So many Christians just don’t say anything to anybody.  Perhaps this describes you.

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There are a lot of reasons for this, but probably the primary one is that good people have taken a good desire to know and please God to extremes.  As human beings, we are all prone to get out-of-balance.  This is why Paul reminds us in scripture to do everything in moderation.  The bible doesn’t tell people they can’t drink alcohol, eat food or have sex.  What it does say, is these things and many other things need to be done within proper limits and in balance.

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