We all know they are coming – sometimes they don’t come this year or the year after, but they are coming!

What is coming?  BIG BILLS!!!!!!!!!!  BIG EXPENSES!!!!!!!

Some can be anticipated, and some can’t. But eventually they come to all of us. It could the water heater, a new dryer, or worse, a new heating unit or a new roof. Or it could be even bigger expenses such as a new car or putting an addition on your home. Whatever it is, they are coming. Some you might dread because they are unexpected, while others are ones you initiate. But in either case, the key is to live on a budget. Yes that right, live on a budget. When you know what is coming in, what is going out and where it is going; it allows you to save.

The three keys to planning ahead for big bills are SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

If you are living on a budget, then almost no matter what you earn, you will be able to save something weekly or monthly. And when you save, even a little weekly or monthly, it begins to add up. You can set up a savings account for just this purpose or use the old tried and true “envelope system” that you keep under your mattress.

When you get a handle on your monthly expenses through living on a budget, it is amazing how much you can begin to save. And the best part is, you save because you have changed your way of thinking. Your thinking is now focused on saving whenever and wherever you can.

It’s not that you can’t enjoy some of your money on fun things such as eating out or hobbies; but as you think “savings”, a balance comes to not only your money habits but to your life. You begin to prioritize and realize what is important and what is not. And as you do this, you will find you have money for essential expenses, as well as fun things, and oh yes, to put away in savings. Even if you can only put say, $100.00 away monthly, over 12 months, you will have $1,200.00 saved toward a big expense.

Begin today, this month and see how much you can start saving. Those bigger expenses are coming – and when they do – you will be glad you started planning and saving now for them!

LifeBob MlynekMoney