Coconut oil has been making the news recently as a very hot item for good health. Even shows like “Dr. Oz” and “Talk with Terry” have talked about the numerous health benefits of coconut oil.

Here are the top ten reasons why coconut oil should be in your daily diet:

  1. Coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties
  2. Populations that eat a lot of coconut oil are among the healthiest people in the world
  3. Coconut oil can increase your energy expenditure, helping you burn more fat
  4. The lauric acid in coconut oil can help fight infections and boost your immune system
  5. Coconut oil has a satisfying effect on your appetite, so even though you ate more fat from the addition of coconut oil, you end up being automatically less hungry later, helping to control your overall caloric intake
  6. The fatty acids in coconut oil help to increase ketones in the body which can be useful for reducing seizures and also beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Coconut oil can improve your ratio of HDL to LDL, and decrease your risk of heart disease
  8. Coconut oil can protect hair against damage and moisturize skin
  9. The fatty acids in coconut oil can boost brain function in healthy people and in Alzheimer’s patients
  10. Coconut oil can help you lose fat through metabolic efficiency, especially the dangerous visceral fat in your abdominal cavity (your belly)

Make sure when purchasing coconut oil, you look for “virgin” and “organic” to avoid the pesticides and other chemicals that can be found in non - organic versions. You also want avoid the hexane residue (a petroleum chemical) that’s found in some non - organic chemical extraction types of coconut oil

Source: Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist