Is there a God out there that cares about me?

It may be harder for people today to believe in any type of god let alone one who cares about them.  There are so many groups opposed to the notion of God.  God seems to be taken out of more and more areas of life by various groups, including our government.  Science and higher education want to do away with the notion of god.

Yet, it seems so clear that every human heart has a great need for “god.”  If we don’t worship the One true Living God, then we will make up “gods.”  We are wired to worship something – whether it is our careers, money, athletes, Hollywood stars or other people we may know that we want to be like.

We have an insatiable appetite to worship something.  For many people, that something is themselves.  The bible tells us this has been the mistake of humans since the beginning of time.  The bible also tells us there is one God whom we can trust because He loves us and cares about us.

This takes a leap of faith to believe in this God.  The bible tells us to believe in God does take faith.  But honestly, as you look at the world around you, does it take any more faith to believe in God or not believe in God?

The greatest evidence that a caring and personal God exists is changed lives.  Rarely do you see a changed life without God being the catalyst for the change. You may dispute the bible, but a genuinely changed life is very convincing, don’t you think?

This is what Jesus came to do – to show and demonstrate God’s love and what it can do when it penetrates a human heart.  His love can melt the hardness and harshness of our lives caused by sin.  He not only wants to forgive, but extend His power to people to experience a new life.

Is there a God who cares?  Take time to talk with someone whose life has been changed authentically and hear what they have to say about a real God who really cares!

Then you may want to give God a chance to show you personally if He is a God
who really cares about you.

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