Does the Bible say anything about dinosaurs?

The bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs, at least by this name.  Keep in mind, the term dinosaur wasn’t coined until the 1800s, and the bible had already been written over 1,500 years prior to this.

So, do people who believe in God and the bible, believe in the existence of dinosaurs?  The answer is that there is no reason not to.  There is no conflict between believing in God and in dinosaurs.

The bible does mention two mysterious creatures called “Behemoth” and “Leviathan” (Job 40, 41).  We are given descriptions of both.  The behemoth is a land creature while the leviathan appears to be a sea creature.  They are both very strong and appear to be above all other animals.  The writer of Job could be describing what we call a dinosaur today, but we don’t know that for certain.

But it is equally true that many other animals aren’t mentioned in the bible by name either.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t true or didn’t exist, but not everything is named in the bible.

Even though the term dinosaur isn’t found in the bible, the scientific evidence is overwhelming that they did exist.  Fossilized dinosaur remains are found on every continent in the world.

Though the bible doesn’t name them by name, this doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.  In fact, we know they did.  This is equally true of the law of gravity or the laws of physics.  They may not be named in the bible, but no one is jumping off a high building today just because the law of gravity isn’t mentioned in the bible.

The greater truth that we need to get a hold of here is that while the bible contains truth; all truth, even that found outside of the bible, is from God.  God still uses His word, the bible, to reveal truth to us.  But He also reveals truth to us in our everyday world – such as how to do a liver transplant, put a man on the moon, or how to eat healthy.  High tech medical procedures, flying to the moon or everything we know today about nutrition can’t be found in the bible, but they aren’t any less true.

God is the author of all truth.  He uses His word to speak to us.  But He also uses His Spirit to speak truth into our lives (John 16:13).

May we not limit where the Spirit of God will lead us to find truth.  May we be open to all of God’s truth wherever He directs us.

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