Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?


The foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ.  Jesus makes it clear through the writers of the New Testament that He was both divine and human; and that He was the Son of God.  Many in our culture, as in His day, may challenge these truths, but it doesn’t change what the New Testament writers wrote, including the Gospel writers and the Apostle Paul. The writer of John’s Gospel puts it this way:

Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not recorded in this book.  But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.

-       John 20:30-31

This is one example of how the writers of the Gospels were convinced that Jesus was the Son of God.  And without doubt, there would be no Christianity without Jesus Christ. This being said, Jesus makes it clear from his words that He was “one with Father God” (Yahweh) – the One True God from the Old Testament.  He also makes it clear, as does Paul and the other writers of the New Testament books, that He is the way to the Father and the exclusive way God and the salvation that God offers to humanity.

Jesus even challenged the religious leaders of His day, such as the Pharisees, that they didn’t really know the One True God because they didn’t know Him.  He told them they were blind to the truth and to the true revelation of God (John 8:42-47).

I’m stating this about Jesus because this is the primary reason why Christians do not worship the same God as Muslims.  Muslims don’t believe God, known to them as Allah, had a son.  And they further reject Jesus as anything more than a prophet.  They do not believe He is divine.

While all three of the major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) do have points of agreement, they are not the same.  They are each distinct and unique in their own way.  The point of this FAQ is not to get into all of the distinctions of each of these world religions, but rather to give a short but precise answer to the question, “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?”  The point here is not to degrade any religion, any person who believes differently than someone else, but rather to state the facts based on scripture.  Though we live in a politically correct environment, where there is pressure to blend and remove distinctions from many things, there are clear differences in this case between Christianity and Islam.

We will look at other differences below, but here is the key difference between Christianity and Islam.  Christianity claims that Jesus is the Son of God and that He was one with God and that He is the way to God.  He points us to the God who said to Moses when asked who He was, “I am who I am.”  He also stated He was the God of “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  Though Islam claims its origination in Abraham, it doesn’t continue to worship the same God that Jesus points to because it rejects Jesus as God’s Son.  Therefore, they must be talking about two different Gods.  And only one can be right.  Each person has to decide for themselves, but if you are going to follow Jesus, then you are following and worshipping a different God than the Muslims.  And if you believe both the Old Testament and New Testament, then you believe the God that Jesus revealed and points to is the only real, true God; thus making the god that the Muslims worship to be a false god.

Each of you reading this must decide for yourself what is true.  But our answer to this question, primarily based on Jesus’ words, is that the God that Christians worship is different than the god that the Muslims worship; and that the only One, true God has revealed Himself in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Below is a comparison between the god of Islam and the God of the bible using scripture from both religions:

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