The foundation for health at all levels of living, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually, is not just that one big decision we make to get healthy. It is not the new year’s resolution we make each January…because most of them we can’t even remember let alone keep by the time spring gets here. The foundation for health and being healthier as a person is the decision we make every day to make healthy choices for our lives. There is a difference between getting healthy and staying healthy! Many people lose weight…improve their cardio capacity…get on a diet…improve their spiritual or emotional health – but how many people maintain these advances? You know the answer, not many!

Most people gain the weight back, stop going to the gym, slide back into negative thinking or fall away from the spiritual gains they once made. Being healthy is not the goal. Getting healthy is not a destination we arrive at. Living a healthier life – seeing it as a daily journey is the foundation for being healthier. This might not seem like much, but when you realize health is not static, but a constant pursuit; it becomes something we reach for everyday rather than thinking, “I’ve already gotten there.” Once you get somewhere, you naturally move onto something else. It no longer remains on your radar to keep pursuing it. Once you reach the top of the mountain, where do you go?

Part of the laws of thermodynamics is a concept called “entropy.” It says that any system that does not keep progressing with intention, will begin to revert back to chaos and disorder. This law applies to our lives as well. If we reach a state of health and then plateau, thinking we have arrived, we will begin to fall into entropy. God has created us to experience salvation – which means to experience health, wholeness and completeness in Him. But in order to experience this, we must, not just once, but daily make the decision to follow Christ in all four levels of our lives. There is no arrival point – only a journey toward pursuing Him and the wholeness He has for us. Ask yourself this, “what is the one thing I can work on and pursue on a daily basis that will help me become healthier?” See you next time!

Bob Mlynek