jack Guyler

Hi, I’m Jack Guyler. I have given this blog the name, “A Healthier You.” I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. In this first one, I want to share with you why I picked this as the title for my blog. I have always tried to live healthy. But when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2002, the focus of my entire life was – you guessed it – to get healthy! And I am very thankful that God healed me, that I got healthy and in 2007 was declared by my oncologist, Dr. Thomas Andrews to be cured from cancer. But during that time, I wasn’t just satisfied to get through surgeries and chemo; I wanted to be healthy – or at least – healthier in every area of my life. I wanted to take responsibility for my own health and I have tried to do so ever since then.

Everybody wants to be healthy! Nobody wants to be sick. And the word “health” is a huge word in our world today. We hear it talked about all the time…people want healthy relationships, healthy bodies…healthy marriages…parents want healthy kids…people want to attend healthy churches…organizations want to be healthy…we want our planet green and healthy…and we hear about making the culture healthier, whether it be sports teams, businesses, organizations and families.

We see the word “health” everywhere we look. We hear about Health Care, we hear about Health Foods and we hear about Health and Wellness just to name a few. As we journey together on this blog, it is my goal to help us reflect on what it means to be healthy and give you tips on how to be a healthier you. Join me next time…

Bob Mlynek